Here is a quick cure for rental property manager

If you own a rental property you understand the financial rewards, but you also understand how much time it takes from your busy schedule. At Stanley Samuels we offer a practical approach to your real estate property. We have qualified staff personnel who are able to help you with the Rental Property Management you need. We adapt our services to fit your circumstances and even offer a three-month, money back guarantee.

We are a family owned and operated real estate management company that has earned its outstanding reputation in Adelaide and the surrounding communities. The South Australian government chooses us for their property management services and we are happy to use this expertise to make your property profitable and a strong component of your income.

At Stanley Samuels we are trained to help you make the best decisions about your investment. We make every effort to maximise your growth and minimise losses. This is our primary business and we are happy to share our experience and expertise to make your rental property a success.

Whether you are just stepping into the property rental market or if you have had the house or apartment for some time, we feel we can create the personalised approach you want toward this venture and make it profitable and easy.

Rental Property Manager

Managing Rental Property Management is more than just collecting the rents. It means being available at any time for emergency situations. It also means finding the correct, reputable repair person when something needs fixing.

Using a Rental Property Manager frees you from these responsibilities. At Stanley Samuels we maintain a roster of qualified professionals who can handle late-night calls and regular maintenance to keep your tenants safe and happy. We have a low property-to-staff ratio which means the tenants are able to speak to the same people and our employees thoroughly understanding the property in question.

Yes, we collect the rent on time, but we also provide accounting that reflect the detail of income and expenses. We never incur a disbursement without your prior approval. You can contact us at any time to check on the status of your property or discuss any accounting matters. Unlike a large franchise, we offer personalised service.

Real Estate Property Management

As your real estate property manager we are part of your team to administer your property. We have decades of experience in Adelaide and understand the intricacies of this process. We recognise that property must be maintained inside and out and take care to spend your money wisely to preserve and improve any real estate in our purview.

Through our system we are able to monitor the rental rates in the area of your property and are sure to charge reasonable rates that will still offer you a profit. If you are interested in expanding your holdings, we are able to provide valid information about potential properties that will fit

nicely into your portfolio. We understand the legislation and your rights and responsibilities as well as those of your tenants.

We are here to help you make the best decisions for today and the years to come.

Rental Property Management

Managing your rental property includes knowing the right price to charge for an apartment or house in Adelaide, and when it is appropriate to increase those rates. We periodically conduct studies of the market in order that your price is fair and reasonable for the area but will still attract and retain residents. Maintaining a low vacancy rate is key to successful property management. If you are not local to Adelaide, then you should choose a company that is knowledgeable and helpful, like Stanley Samuels.

Part of our responsibility is the timely collection and deposit of rent payments on time. We understand the importance of maintaining a solid cash flow and this is a part of it. from time to time it may become necessary to work with tenants to be sure the payments are on time and paid in full.

At Stanley Samuels we are happy to help you with your rental property management.

Property Manager

The duties of a Property Manager are many.

One of our main functions is to market your property correctly. Knowing where and how to advertise your apartments and houses is crucial to finding the best tenants. It is a considerable benefit to our clients to avoid long vacancies and to fill the properties with responsible tenants.

We are also experts at the details like background and security checks, running credit reports, and verifying employment status and history. We also maintain strong relationships with our tenants to handle any conflicts or issues that may arise. We handle routine and emergency maintenance problems as well as periodic inspections to be sure your property is secure and in good repair. We oversee the work to be sure it is completed correctly and in a timely manner.

We collect rents and handle the tradespeople as well as maintenance workers, suppliers and any other vendors. We provide accurate and detailed accounting’s and can offer suggestions about advantages and improvements.


Through careful screening, you will enjoy the benefit of solid tenants who pay on time every time and without the complications that arise from unreliable individuals. We will be sure that our letting of your apartments and houses complies with all legislative, legal, and moral responsibilities associated with the industry.

Maintaining occupancy and fewer and shorter vacancies is a key component to a good rental property. We know how to prepare properties for rent as well as how and where to advertise

them to attract the most qualified potential tenants. We also determine the appropriate rental rates to maintain your revenue stream but are appropriate for the local marketplace.

We are specialists at collecting rent and lease payments and are the perfect buffer between you as the owner and the tenants who are unable to pay. If necessary, we will undertake to evict non-paying tenants under the proper legal procedures.

Because we have strong ties in the community, we are able to hire the best trades persons and frequently can negotiate discounts on your behalf. We do everything possible to keep your homes and apartments in good maintenance, clean and attractive.

All of our accounting is clear and accurate.

In summary, hiring Stanley Samuels as your professional property manager will provide you with the skills and knowledge base necessary to help you add value to your investment.