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For over thirty years we have provided quality real estate management to the Adelaide community. Our staff has the expertise to help you solve any issues you may have in the ongoing care and management of your rental properties. Get in touch with us today!

Family Owned

As a family-owned business, you have the reassurance of continued solid service to Adelaide and the surrounding areas. We work with clients to adapt to their needs

Quality Service

We feel it is our privilege to provide a quality product for our clients. We are local and by hiring Stanley Samuels, you are supporting the local economy.


With our experience we are able to help investors of all sizes, large or small, to make the best decisions about real estate investments and rentals.


Our representatives are required to keep up with all of the relevant local, state, and national regulations and legislation that affects property management.


It is our mission to initiate, maintain, and cultivate the ongoing operation and associations between ourselves and owner-clients, tenants and tradespeople. 

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We are known for our congenial attitude and skill at providing the best solutions at competitive rates.

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Our Real Job

The industry we work in is rental property management, but we are really in the business of relationships. Our hiring criteria include the personality traits that will allow them to report to our clients in comprehensible terms with the specific detail each client wants or needs to know. Yet, these individuals are able to make tough decisions when it comes to renters who do not respect the terms of the agreement. They are also expert negotiators able to find the best repair and maintenance companies and persons at the most favourable rates.


The South Australian government continues to use Stanley Samuels as its property manager. This reflects the trust that our clients have in our abilities to provide high quality services. The fact that many of our clients have been with us for over a decade only reinforces their reliance on our talent to offer superior rental management. Much of this can be attributed to the professionals that work at Stanley Samuels. We are known for our congenial attitude and skill at providing the best solutions at competitive rates.

Repairs, Maintenance & Renovations

Each piece of property requires regular maintenance. It is part of our responsibility to be sure that the building and grounds are kept in good condition and we conduct regular inspections to be sure that all requirements are met. The upkeep of the property is of prime concern to protect your reputation, and ours, in the neighbourhoods and areas where the property lies. From time to time, repairs are necessary to fix things that break or simply wear out. Preventive maintenance is also part of our duties. We maintain records of all the work done and when items are likely to need replacement. In order to keep up with the rental market, there are times when a property needs some remodelling to keep pace with the local standards or that will significantly improve the return on your investment. We will discuss the proposed changes with you prior to initiating any action and be sure we are all in agreement. Because we are local, we maintain solid relationships with local tradespeople, vendors, and suppliers to negotiate the best terms when work is needed on your property.


We are careful to explain all the rights and responsibilities of you as the owner, our company as the manager, and renters and lessees. With full disclosure, we have found fewer misunderstandings and difficulties. We are able to leverage our education to provide our clients with the best possible profit from their investment. In fact, we provide a satisfaction guarantee. If, after three months, you are not satisfied with our services, we will refund your payments to us. Not every Adelaide real estate property manager can give you that assurance.

Investment Opportunities

In general, the property market in Adelaide has remained steady. This makes it a favourable investment over other choices like shares, currencies, and other opportunities. It is a physical representation of your venture. It is an asset you can rely on to produce the income you are seeking. A rental property will not run itself. You need to rely on the expertise of a professional management company to maximise your outlay. We have dealt with most situations during our tenure and are able to provide sound advice toward growth and absorbing losses.

our Staff

We maintain a low property-to-staff ratio. This is important to ensure quality monitoring of your investment as well as personalised service to conform to your requirements. Franchises and other large companies are unable to make this claim. Our tasks are varied and all geared toward giving you the best return on your investment while maintaining a solid foundation for the future. We handle finding the right tenants for your apartments, houses, offices and other business owners. We have policies and procedures in place that all conform to any laws and regulations that affect your investment property. We have the technical and integral knowledge and skill set to provide you with the best property management in Adelaide. Whether you are a local resident or live anywhere in the world, we are here to make earning money easy. Give us a call on (08) 8297 3010 today and ask about our property management solutions or come into our Clarence Gardens office; Unit 3/813 South Rd, Clarence Gardens SA 5039. Now, hear that? That’s opportunity knocking, all you have to do is open the door!

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