Property Manager Adelaide

Property Manager Adelaide

The reasons to choose Stanley Samuels as your Property Manager are endless, but here are just a few that we think you’d like to know!

Property Management is the core of our business. Most agencies are
distracted chasing high commissions from real estate sales, not managing your property.

Because the team at Stanley Samuels all specialise in property management, you can guarantee we’ll put all of our focus on properly managing your property. You see, it’s beneficial to everyone involved, tenants, Property Managers and property owners, that we carefully select the perfect tenant for your property. Because of our specialisation and experience in Property Management in Adelaide, we’ve built a reputation as one of Adelaide’s most trusted Property Managers.

We’re a family-owned, private company, not part of an impersonal franchise business.

This gives us the freedom and flexibility to find the right solutions for your needs. For example, we typically don’t do “corporate” advertising for our clients’ properties. Why? Because we believe this benefits the agency a lot more than the client. Our services are not a cookie cutter, one size fits all process, we personalise our service for every client and every property.

Property Management

Our Property Manager have significant experience — currently some 13 years per manager.

In the business of Property Management, there are many skills that can only be acquired after years of experience. You may think there are times when you might get by with a fresh-faced 17-year-old, straight out of school, looking after your investment property. But not often does that work out. When you’re looking for exceptional judgement in tenant selection or need some help with other property management needs, that’s where our years of experience count. Our expertise is how we solve problems and better yet, avoid problems all together. You want experienced people in your corner, fighting the battles on your behalf. All of our Property Manager are either homeowners or property investors, so they know how important it is that a property be properly maintained and cared for.

We manage properties owned by the State Government, as well as small and large-scale private investors.

Entrusting someone to manage your property can be daunting, trust doesn’t always come easy and choosing the correct Property Managers is important. When people find out that Stanley Samuels are continually trusted by the South Australian government they know they’re dealing with an honest, reliable company that they can trust to get the job done. But it doesn’t matter to us if you’re not a large property owner with multiple properties, we’ll still give you the same personalised and comprehensive service as everyone else!

We have a low property-to-staff ratio which ensures high-quality service.

Many Property Management Firms will overwhelm their employees by giving their property managers an unmanageable number of properties to take care of, leading them to only be able to offer sub-par service. The Property Managers at Stanley Samuels are given a low property-to-staff ratio, meaning they can give your property the attention it deserves.

We have a very low turnover of staff so our clients are more likely to be dealing with one person

Franchises often have high turnover rates of staff and you’re never guaranteed to see the same person twice. We’re proud to say that many of our clients have been with us for over a decade (Twenty years in some cases!) and are still being looked after by the same property manager. It’s important to us that our clients know that we care about what’s best for them and their property.

We provide a written guarantee of satisfaction.

We know that choosing a Property Manager to manage your property can be a difficult decision, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to try our services. That’s why we make this unique guarantee: If, after three months you’re not happy with our services, we’ll give you all your money back. It’s as simple as that.

Property Manager

We don’t spend a cent of clients’ money without getting their consent first

Everyone’s heard the horror stories of clients receiving large bills for work that was never approved, that kind of service is unacceptable, the team at Stanley Samuels will only conduct maintenance that you approve of.

Some of our clients have been with us for twenty years or more.

We’re proud of the fact that some of our clients have chosen to stick with us for so long, it’s because of our superior service that we’ve built the trust of our clients and have been able to work beside them for so long.

Our properties are promoted on multiple Real Estate portals which
increase inquiries and reduces vacancies

We’ll take every avenue to list your rental property, boosting your chances of tenancy, remember the longer your property remains vacant, the less it will be worth as a rental.

We run all prospective tenants through two National Databases that identify defaulting tenants. Not one.

So we can guarantee that our clients that their properties will only be filled by the best tenants, we take extra steps to ensure that they’ll fit your property .This includes running all applicants through not one, but two National Databases that identify defaulting tenants. This helps to make certain that only the best tenants are selected for any of your properties.

We never stop learning.

Consistently learning is important in every business, but it is especially important in the Property Management business, the market is ever changing and we must change with it. We learn not only from other firms actions on the market but also from listening to our clients, your voice is important to us.

We engage top-quality contractors who perform all work at reasonable rates.

We’re proud of work with partnered contractors, although we earn no commission from them, because of the work we’re able to supply them, they offer our clients the best deals possible.

We maximise returns to clients by determining correct rents and provision tax-depreciation information

Investing properly in the correct technologies has allowed us to utilise tools to help us keep track of market data better than ever. This investment ensures our Property Managers are able to offer the best advice regarding rental pricing and other marketing intricacies. We encourage our clients to seek financial advice on how to claim as many tax deductions as possible and as such will refer them to appropriate professionals if required.